A Visual Advantage offers services to increase your organic ranking.


Search-Engine-Friendly Website Design
The way a website is coded is a key factor in getting good rankings. Your website may need to be re-coded in order to better optimize it for the search engines. This does not necessarily mean a re-design, but rebuilding the underlying structure to conform to both Web Standards and SEO Best Practices (they’re fundamentally the same!). A Visual Advantage is expert at building sites to these standards, so your website can be found.

SEO Packages
A Visual Advantage has a variety of packages to help you with your SEO. The most popular being a 6 hour service for $210.00. This includes a 2 hour keyword search and 4 hours of strategically placing those keywords though out your site. You will also have a list of your keywords so you will know how many clients per month are searching for those keywords. This will help you with your future blog SEO optimization.

A recent survey of MozCon attendees showed that after organic search, referral traffic is what most clients want.

I Got a Link! That Means I’ll Get Referral Traffic Too, Right?

Sorry, the fact is, not all editorial links – even links from big domains that gets tons of traffic that translate into referral traffic. That’s because people are not necessarily going to follow every link they see in an article.

Sometimes a link is just there as a kind of hat tip (as in, this is where we got this information) but there’s no need to actually follow the link.

To drive real referral traffic, there has to be a compelling reason for the reader to click through to your site. And if that traffic is going to be ongoing for you, the linking page also needs its own source of ongoing traffic.

With this in mind, here are three types of links that will cause a noticeable bump in your referral traffic numbers.

#1: Links from news aggregators

News aggregators like Reddit, Hacker News, Inbound.org, Growth Hackers etc. usually use a submission and upvoting system where users can submit cool links and vote on their favorites. Other times, a single editor or editorial board is making the call on what’s worth sharing. When a link makes its way to the top of the front page, it has high visibility and attention.

Why do these links drive referral traffic

The aggregators just aggregate links, they don’t reproduce the content. So you have to actually visit the site to get the value, the incentive to click through is extremely high!

#2: Links in lists of resources

This is a major win for an SEO. That’s because the incentive to click through to your site is equally strong.

#3: Links in third-party reviews

This is a pretty similar scenario to the one above, but if you’re lucky, instead of a spot on a list, you’ve got a whole article dedicated to a review of your offering alone.